Warranty Registration

J E Sugden & Co Ltd - Guarantee


Your new Sugden equipment is guaranteed against defective workmanship for five years.  Any aspect of construction found to be faulty will be rectified.

Any part or component not manufactured by J E Sugden & Co Ltd, but purchased by them from another supplier and used in this equipment will be replaced free of charge within one year, components will be replaced free of labour charges during the second year.

In the unlikely event that this product fails to function properly during the warranty period, the retailer or authorized service centre will make this product capable of operating for the purposes for which it was designed.

Full Warranty and Guarantee is supplied with each individual new product.

The guarantee is NOT transferable and only covers the product if it is purchased new from one of our official retailers in the country to which it was originally supplied.

It is our policy to make sure that when you purchase a Sugden product you can rest assured it is genuine and destined to give you many years of listening pleasure.

Please complete and post owner registration form.  It is in your best interests to register your ownership such that we can keep you fully informed of our products or provide you with information which may be of value to you. Your details are not shared with any other company.