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Repair & Service


Please read the information below and follow the instructions.    All items must now have a Returns Number allocated before arriving at our factory.  We cannot accept any units for repair/service without a Returns Number.

When a request is received, you will be added to the waiting list and a Returns number will be issued when it is your turn.  The waiting list is now relatively short and we hope to be in touch within a couple of weeks.

Here at Sugden, we are pleased to offer a 'TLC' service for your treasured amplifier/CD player. 


This is a courtesy service offered for older units and is performed alongside the manufacture of new products.  Where possible we will do everything we can to revive your vintage Sugden items but it is important to be aware that certain components are now becoming or have become obsolete. 

As electronic components age and tolerances deteriorate, it is impossible for us to return a vintage product back to its original specification. We provide a 28 day guarantee on vintage and CD equipment covering the repair and service work we carry out.  Any new faults or faults that were not specified originally that occur during this guarantee period will not be covered.

There is a minimum service charge of £150.00 plus VAT per unit (excludes shipping), however if we feel the work required to bring the unit to a reasonable working condition is likely to be expensive or is not justifiable, we will contact you.  You will be responsible for the cost of returning the unit to you.


  1. Contact us BY EMAIL at stating the model and serial number with a brief explanation of the problem, to obtain a Returns Number. Please do not telephone as you will only be asked to email.

  2. You will be added to a waiting list and when it is your turn you will receive a Sugden Repair Sheet by email containing your unique Returns Number.  There can be a significant wait depending on the size of the waiting list.

  3. Complete ALL the highlighted fields and send the form back by email.  Please also print and send a copy with your Sugden product.  If you cannot complete the form digitally, please print, complete and enclose the form with the unit.

  4. Ensure the unit is clean using a light soap solution before packing.  Care should be taken with the printing on the front.

  5. Pack your Sugden product well, preferably using its original box and packaging.  Ensure there is plenty of packaging around the unit before placing it in a suitably sized box.

  6. Place the Returns Note inside the box with the unit.

  7. Write your Name and Returns Number on the outside of the box.

  8. Send it to us at the address below.  Please note your Returns Number will be valid for 10 days after which it will expire if the unit is not received.

  9. We prefer that units are sent to us by courier but if you wish to bring the unit to the factory once a Returns Number has been issued, it must still be packed and sealed in a suitable box.  You will be asked to leave the unit at Reception to ensure social distancing measures are followed.

We expect service/repairs to take around 4-6 weeks however we will of course try to complete sooner.

All products receive a full specification check and bench test before leaving our factory.

NB: If a Sugden product is returned to our factory in a poor condition or has been modified we will not repair or service the unit.

Return to:

J. E. Sugden & Co. Ltd. - Service Dept.

Valley Works, Station Lane


West Yorkshire

WF16 0NF

United Kingdom


Our usual opening hours for drop-off/collection are as follows but we would always recommend calling or emailing first.

Monday to Thursday:   8.30am-4.00pm

Closed for lunch:          12.00-1.00pm

Note: We ask that all visitors park on Smithies Lane, next to the factory.

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