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We have now resumed offering custom colours but due to manufacturing restrictions there may be additional extended delivery times.

Masterclass Amplifier Custom Colour

Unlike other audio equipment manufacturers, Sugden has its own engineering department so we can offer a range of bespoke front panel finishes. If you have a colour scheme for your listening room why not get Sugden equipment to match, design a totally unique Sugden product that is as individual as you are. To get a unique personally designed Sugden product, contact you Sugden retailer and let your imagination run riot.  This service is for new products only and there is a small extra charge and extended delivery time.

NB: Knobs and bezels will be either Titanium or Black

ORANGE finish: Silver bezels, knobs and text.

Masterclass Amplifier Stack Custom Colours

GREEN 2 finish: Silver bezels, knobs and text.

Stealth Finish SPA-4 & PA-4 Amplifiers

STEALTH finish: Black panels, bezels, knobs and text.

DISCLAIMER:  Due to the many variables of the anodising process it is not possible to create a pantone colour match. There are a restricted number of hard colours available and the intensity can be reduced or increased the intensity.

BLUE 3 finish: Silver bezels, knobs and text

Colour Swatch July 2023.jpg
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