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Sugden Grande

The Sugden Grande Amplifier is a Mono Block Amplifier operating in ‘Pure Class A’ mode (two required for stereo reproduction)


Each mono block houses dual matched amplifiers with the output stages in the floating bridged mode.  The amplifiers are best described as instrumentation, class A, floating bridge power output amplifiers, dc coupled with current feedback.


The amplifier is equipped with an input board with user logic switching for balanced or phono/asymmetric inputs. Also on the input board is a six dB attenuation facility for input signal matching.


There are two power output levels, an ‘eco level’ for low level listening where the power consumption is reduced by 75% and concert hall /auditorium level to take full advantage of the units fatigue free uncompressed massive sound stage.

Limited Edition Anniversary Product - no longer available

Sugdens 50 years experience of designing and manufacturing class A audio amplifiers for the discerning music lover ensures the advantages of class A are fully realised.


The mono blocks are housed in an aluminium chassis with massive extruded aluminium heat sinks for the necessary heat dissipation associated with pure class A.


Whilst this descriptive text includes a technical bias, Sugdens Philosophy of 'Rescuing Music from Technology' has been fully exhausted to develop a product that provides ‘simply more music’.


The Grande is the most powerful pure class A amplifier in the Sugden range and has involved intense development over a period of years.  Many thousands of hours have been spent on circuit layouts, component selection, overall physical relationships of the circuitry and its main case.  From the balanced or asymmetric input through the controlled gain stages to the floating bridged output and final tuning, absolutely no compromises have been made in achieving an exceptional amplifier with remarkable musical performance.  



Longevity is a key consideration in Sugden equipment and gold plated circuit boards containing the highest quality discreet electronic components are utilised in the assembly.  High quality connectors and silver wiring are utilised to give long life and the ultimate musical performance.

Each amplifier is equipped with a custom designed mains transformer of -430 watts with 4 separate windings. The power supplies to the floating bridge output stage are smoothed by two specially developed audio grade capacitors, having a combined capacitance of 40,000uf.  The output stage has 12 output devices, each having an output capability of 17 amps and maximum power rating of 200 watts each. The tone burst potential would be in the region of 7kw, or massive headroom for the perfect sound stage.


The final output of the amplifiers is coupled to the speaker output binding posts via a protection board. This board includes the switching of Mosfet power devices of extremely low on resistance, timed to enable soundless connection to the speakers. The protection board also includes dc output protection.

Power Output                          100 watts into 8 Ohm

                                                190 watts into 4 Ohm

ECO mode                               25watts   into  8 Ohm


Frequency response               12Hz to 86kHz  +/-0dB

Bandwidth (wide)                     2Hz-200kHz   +/-3dB

Signal to Noise                        >85dB


Input sensitivity                        1volt for full output


Dimensions                             430 x 430 x 470mm (W/H/D)


Weight                                     35kg unpacked

Sugden Grande Internal
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