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Fusion 21 CD Player (no longer available)

The Fusion 21 is designed to compliment both the A21 and A21SE Signature integrated amplifiers. Utilising a high speed transport mechanism and on board memory, the Fusion 21 is a technically advanced CD player. To reduce jitter and control errors during play back there is a dedicated transceiver circuit, this re-formats data prior to the digital to analogue converter.

A unique conversion method is employed without oversampling or filtering in the digital domain, instead we chose an analogue filter allowing a very wide bandwidth.


Important as technology is in the digital domain, the potential can only be realised if the analogue output is capable of producing a high quality sound. The use of a class A output stage and trans-impedance amplifier ensures superb sound. A useful additional feature of the Fusion 21 is a digital input. This allows the connection of an eternal source  like a music streamer or AV component.

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Inputs ​                                    One SPDIF coaxial

                                               Mains IEC input socket

Outputs                                  One RCA stereo analogue

                                               One digital coaxial

Front Panel Controls             Stanby, load, play, next, previous, stop

Remote Control                      Direct track access, repeat, store, random, play,

                                               pause, stop, load, prev, next, search a-b, time

Display                                   Track, repeat, store, random, play, pause, search

                                               track time, A-B and CD length

CD Compartment                  Accepts both 12cm and 8cm CD and CDR ‘Red Book’

                                               audio discus, MP3 and HDCD



Output                                    2.1 Volts

Frequency Response            20Hz-20kHz +/-1.25dB points

Signal to Noise                       >86dB

Gross Weight  (packed)         9kgs

Dimensions                           92 x 430 x 310mm (hwd)

Digital Input                            SPDIF 16-24 bit word length, with sample rates to


Power Consumption             53 Watts

Additional Facility                  Placed in standby, the Fusion 21 CD becomes a stand

                                              alone Digital to Analogue Converter.


*24/192 file compatibility requires a re-set of the CD player prior to connecting to the source component.



J E Sugden & Co Ltd, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

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