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Silverback Cables


Sugden Silverback cables are handmade British interconnects. Quality materials are used throughout including connectors manufactured by Neutrik, combined with a

Precision signal and shield assembly.

Silverback RCA Cables
Silverback RCA Cables
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Silverback RCA
Silverback XLR
Sugden Audio Silverback Cables


Signal Cable Specification

We use a silver plated multi strand copper clad steel conductor and silver plated copper shield. The dielectric is extruded PTFE and the jacket is FEP. The construction is of a coaxial type providing excellent durability and up to 3GHz operating frequency.




Silverback XLR Cables
Silverback XLR Cables
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Phono Connector Specification

Gold plated solid brass shell and contacts with brass housing, life time cycles >5000, Manufactured to RCA standards for excellent fit and maximum earth and signal contact. Low contact resistance of 10 MOhm and high insulation resistance of 5 GOhm.



XLR Connector Specification

Rugged diecast Zinc Shell, Silver contact surfaces, life time cycles >1000, low capacitance between contacts, 3 MOhm contact resistance,10 GOhm insulation resistance, lock and latch mechanism.


Additional Information

Each cable is handmade by a highly skilled technician with over thirty years experience in electronic assembly at the Sugden factory. Our test procedures cover both electronic and a visual inspections including durability and strain. Sugden interconnects are the perfect match for Sugden electronics or other high quality audio equipment. They produce what we consider is a very clear and natural sound with a well balanced frequency range and little loss or degradation to the original signal.

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