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Sugden Audio welcomes you to our world of electronic products dedicated to the recovery and replay of recorded music - products which embody over four decades of experience in audio engineering to give the ultimate satisfaction in musical performance. Designed and manufactured in West Yorkshire by a loyal, dedicated and skilled workforce. A workforce that takes pride in the presentation of its skills and the performance of their products.

Copyright Marjon Berkenvelder, 1989.

All our products are developed to reproduce music (whatever its genre) as near to the original performance as possible. Replay, complete with all the nuances, harmonics and emotions which allow the listener to enjoy and be involved in an art form that has captivated civilisations for centuries.

Sugdens is a special company that develops a long term relationship with its customers through the musical performance and the long life of its products. Welcome to the Sugden world of ‘simply more music’ ...

Latest product news!

Sugden Audio is pleased to introduce three new products which we are sure will further enhance the company's standing and reputation amongst discerning music lovers. The company's main objective in developing these products has been musical performance coupled to a practical user interface, pride of possession and product longevity.

The two additions to the Sapphire range are the DAP800 High-End Pre-Amplifier with an additional digital input interface (pictured below) and the FBA 800 Floating Bridge Pure Class A Power Amplifier ... [ more ].

Sapphire DAP 800 (front).

The new FPA-4 Pure Class A Single-Ended Output Stage Power Amplifier augments the existing Masterclass range.

The market trends for new and fashionable technologies have not been ignored and these products have been developed to complement them and present their user with the very best euphonic experience. As with all Sugden products they are designed and manufactured by Sugden employees in our West Yorkshire premises. The use of ‘through hole’ as opposed to surface mount components, wherever possible, enhances product life, performance and reliability.